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  • Feed Storage

    Feed bins are the core business of PS-System GmbH for many years. In Germany we supply polyester silos and for national and international markets galvanized or special export silos.

  • PS-Auger

    Auger are mainly used as feed tributary. Due to the elaborate construction of the single parts, a optimal feed transport over a long distance is possible.

  • PS-Chain

    The PS-Chain Feeding Systems are used especially where long transport pathes are in demand and where many angles had to be used. So everywhere the highest flexibility is reqired.

  • Feeders

    We offer you a large choise of different feeders. We supply feeders for rearing or finishing pigs. Here you can find the right feeder for you.

  • Pig Housing

    PS-System offers a complete range of stainless steel posts to the PVC-profile boards up to the mounting hardware. Feel free to order our latest catalog and convince yourself of our housing systems....

  • PS-Door

    Hochwertige Innen- und Außentüren für Stallgebäude aus isoliertem PVC mit umlaufenden Edelstahlrand und Edelstahbeschlägen.

  • Poultry

    PS-System also offers feeding and drinking systems for poultry. We offer solutions for broilers and turkey.

  • Ventilation

    PS-System GmbH offers a large range of air-supply and extraction concepts which can be adapted to each animal housing situation.

  • Heating Systems

    Energy costs are growing every year. This is taking its toll in farming too. Efficient energy management is key to competitiveness and good business practice. Modern heating systems can minimise the heating requirements of animal pens, reduce costs and ensure a profitable business.

  • Lighting

    The PS-LED Tube is a ammonia-proof LED lamp, which was especially developed for the animal husbandry. The high ammonia concentration and also cleaning and disinfecting agents pollutes the lamps in...

  • Control

    Climate controller with integrated network communication Thre Climatic2NET is a two-section-clima...