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PS-Chain Feeding System

The PS-Chain Feeding Systems are used especially where long transport pathes are in demand and where many angles had to be used. So everywhere the highest flexibility is reqired. The feeding system with a 60 mm tube diameter from PS-System offers a very good quality at a favorable price. All parts are tested for many years and affords the highest operating safety.

  • Engine
  • PS-Chain
  • Feed Intake
  • Futterauslauf
  • Control


The casing of the PS-Drive-Station consists of stainless steel. It is available in two differnt sizes with 1.1 KW oder 1.5 KW engine power, so that transport pathes about long distances could bedeal with. Equipped with a steel drive wheel and a hardened plastic deflection pulley ensures a perfect durability at high loads, too. The integrated chain tensioner and two electromechanical safety switches ensures a optimal operating safety.

Wall Bracket

With the wall bracket from PS-System the PS-Drive-Station could be easyly and flexible mounted on the wall. So the drive station could be installed optimal in the stable, so that no unnecessary space is wasted.

Conveyor Chain

The conveyor chain of PS-System consists of a steel chain with moulded rigid plastic discs. With our special injection process the chain links are not completed, so that the "length" of the chain by the plastic wear is prevented. The disk diameter is 45 mm. The conveyor chain is available as normal hardened conveyor chain or for large system lengths as extra hardened conveyor chain.

Pipes, Connectors and Fixing Material

The feed pipes of the PS-System have an outer diameter of 60 mm and are available in different thicknesses. To connect the pipe liner one-piece joints are used. To fix the delivery pipes we use fixing material from V2a.

Deflection Angle

PS system offers three different types of deflection angles 90°. Depending on the system length and load on the system, you can choose between deflection angles with plastic casing and plastic wheel, plastic casing and cast iron wheel or with stainless steel casing and cast iron wheel. All deflection angles have ball bearings and are supplied complete with mounting hardware.

Feed Intake Station

The feed intake stations of PS-System consist completely of stainless steel and are available for one or two system cycles. They are equipped with a slider to adjust the load capacity and a beater for optimal running feed.

Connection Funnel

The right Silo connection funnel is important for optimal hygiene and feed abundance. PS-System provides for all common feed silos the correct Connection funnel.

Feed Drop

The feed drops of the PS-System was made for a perfectly flowing out feed. They have a shutter to manually lock and can be fitted without fixing material. Upon request, our feed drops are available in other colors, too.

Telescopic Pipes

Together with our transparent telescopic pipes, the amount of effluent feed are regulated in the feeder manually by changing the height of the telescope pipe. Also provide an transparent tubes optimal control and hygiene.

Feed Control PS-TFS-01

The PS-TFS-01 is a programmable feed control system, which supersedes every function of an Engine control box. It can be used for every usual engine sizes. It is equipped with a LCD-Display with very few funktion keys for easy operating. The following programms are selectable:
- timeswitch menu with 9 daily start times
- sensor shunting time
- overrun time
- programm for night light
- alarm output
- connections for full and empty sensor
- recordingofoperatinghours

Engine Control Box

The engine control boxes of PS-System offer a simple and inexpensive control of the chain conveyor systems. They are equipped with a manual-0-auto switch, motor protection relays, reset functions, analog switches, sensor bridge and connection for a sensor and a safety switch. The motor control boxes are available for all common drive sizes.


Sensors for the full signal or low level control. PS system offers for each control to the right sensor technology. Moreover the correct installation materials are also available for any installation.