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Auger are mainly used as feed tributary. Due to the elaborate construction of the single parts, a optimal feed transport over a long distance is possible. The PS-Augersystems of PS-System afford the best quality at a goo price. All components were tested longtime and enable due to their sturdiness a long lifetime. Our augersystems are available in the sizes 56 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm and 127 mm.

  • Engine
  • Feed Intake
  • Auger and Tubes
  • Feed Drop
  • Control

Gear Motor

Our gear motors all originate in European Union and they are optimal tailored to the conditions of a Augersystem. They are available in four different sizes 0,37 kW, 0,55 kW, 0,75 kW, 1,1 kW and 1,5 kW. So you can choose according to the length of the system the best engine performance.

PS-Control Unit

The PS-Control unit consists of galvanised steel sheets, which are complete screwed, a blue plastic funnel and a mechanical safty switch. The control unit are delivered without tube connection for the augertube. These you can choose separately according to the size of the PS-Augersystem.

Tube Connection

The tube connection for the PS-Control unit are available for the sizes 56 mm, 75 mm, 89 mm and 127 mm. It consists of the tube connection, the engine adapter, one tube clamp assy and fixing bolts.

Feed Intake Boot

The feed intake boots from PS-System consists of galvanised steel. They are available as single boots with one end arbor or as double boots with two end arbors. Deliverable in sizes 56 mm, 75 mm, 89 mm and 127 mm.


We offer many differnt silo collars for all usual silo tpyes. If horizontal flange or vertical collars, if galvanized or polyester silo. We have for each silo type the right collars.

Transfer Plate

With the transfer plate you can easy create a extension boot. Together with the control unit, a gear motor and the feed intake boot with the transferplate a transfer is been created. So the auger system could transport about long distances to over 61,00 m.


The auger of PS-System consist of flexible hardened steel wire. They are available in the sizes 56 mm, 75 mm, 89 mm and 127 mm. One bundle measures 61,00 m or 100,00 m (127 mm 35,00 m).

PVC Auger Tube

Our PVC auger tubes are 3,0 m long, consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and provide a long durability. Besides straight tubes we offer 45° elbows, too. Apart from tubes and elbows PS-System offers tube connectors, fittings and ceiling fixture for all sizes, too.

Feed Drop

PS-System offers for all sizes of auger complete closed feed outlets inclusive shutter. Further more you can choose from a large number of drop tubes, like flexible tubes or transparent telescope pipes.

Telescopic Pipes

Together with our transparent telescopic pipes, the amount of effluent feed are regulated in the feeder manually by changing the height of the telescope pipe. Also provide an transparent tubes optimal control and hygiene.

Engine Control Box

The engine control boxes of PS-System offer a simple and inexpensive control of the PS-Augersystems. They are equipped with a manual-off switch, motor protection relays, reset funktions, run time limit up to 100 hours and connection for a sensor and a safety switch. The motor control boxes are available for all common drive sizes.

Sensor Technology

PS-System offers for every control system the right sensor technology.