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  • PS-LED Lup Tube PS-LED Lup Tube
  • PS-LED Lup 6WW 3W PS-LED Lup 6WW 3W
  • PS-LED Lup 9W PS-LED Lup 9W

Energy is precious.

We should use it sparingly. This is why we have developed a dust-proof and watertight LED lighting system which is specifi cally suitable for use in barns. It allows energy savings of up to 65 per cent compared to conventional lamps – while maintaining the same light quality.

The lamps come with corrosion-resistant sockets and are extremely easy to install. They can be dimmed if required and offer a constant spectrum of fl icker-free light. Due to their low build-up of heat, they can also be run continuously without any problems and require virtually no maintenance.

Optimum lighting in the barn, aviary or greenhouse needs to be well planned. After all, light promotes the well-being of the animals or plants – and therefore the output or yield – and is generally conducive to better working conditions. But it gets even better – because this smart LED technology is also economical. In addition to the low energy consumption, there are various reasons for this, such as the fact that the tubes last for up to 50,000 hours. This modern technology pays off!

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