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Nippledrinkers for Turkey

Providing the animals with fresh, clean drinking water is essential for good, fast growth in a poultry population. Drinking water must be clean, sufficient and easily accessible.
PS-System"s drinking water systems are specially designed to meet these needs and deliver optimum drinking water provision for broilers. The water pans are specially developed and tailored for providing water to these animals and to minimise water waste. The animals have good access to fresh water when nipple waterers are used.

Pressure reducer

The pressure reducer is available as front- or middle connection and owns an integrated flushing system. With the pressure reducer the water column can be set stepless on the required value.

Watering Unit

The drinking lines are completely premounted and and available in 3 m lengths. These are coupled till to the shed length. The elements are available with 3, 4 or 5 nipples per 3,00 m.

Breathing Unit

Alternatively, at the end of the drinking line the breather revolving unit or the breathing unit can be equipped with an additionally automatically flushing system.