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Floor Heating IN-System

Energy costs are growing every year. This is taking its toll in farming too. Efficient energy management is key to competitiveness and good business practice. Modern heating systems can minimise the heating requirements of animal pens, reduce costs and ensure a profitable business.

Advantages IN-System

  • Uniform heating

  • No CO² production in house

  • Noisless operation

  • No ventilation and heating cycles

  • Dry bedding

  • Reducing energy costs


The core of the IN-System is the IN-insulation-panel. This is a special floor heating panel made of expanded polystyrene foam. This ESP heating panel has excellent heat insulation properties as well as negligible water penetration. The IN insulation panels have overlapping borders for easy installation in the barn. The pipe ducts, which run through the panels, make heating pipe installation quick and foolproof. The system is designed for uniform loading over a flat surface, so that the concrete floor is not weakened and does not crack, and is not subject to thermal stress. The special grooved surface of the insulation panels are open under the floor, so that the heat spreads out from the pipes themselves. These open grooves acts as heat distribution channels, and make for even distribution of the heat. This greatly increases the heating surface and guarantees even heating of the entire floor.

Heating Pipe

PS-System uses only high quality 3-layer pipes compliant with the most recent DIN standards. Use of modern plastics technology ensures the pipes are highly resistant to failure and very flexible, are excellent heat conductors and feature outstanding expansion/contraction characteristics. The pipe fits perfectly into the grooves in the IN insulation panel, and the entire system has a very long service life.

Control System

Along with its IN panels and floor heating pipes, PS-System also offers precise and effective heat distribution and control system components. Using control stations, heating circuit manifolds, room temperature thermostats and control technology, the IN-System floor heating can be set and controlled efficiently and reliably.


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