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Climate controller with integrated network communication
Thre Climatic2NET is a two-section-climate-controller, which assume all functions of a modern climate control. The control of air inlets, exhaust air control units, heaters, cooling systems as well as a heat exchanger is easily possible. Further more different section control functions are possible, like low pressure ventilation, air quality control, humidity control and many more. With a need-based ventilation by the occupancy rate the section climate is controlled via the number of animals in the section as well as the animal weights. Moreover the Climati2NET is equipped with a integrated central controller, which controls the central exhaust air ventilation.


The engine control boxes from PS-System protect many different Engines with differend performance like our large capacity fans, the panel or tube mounting fans. With our own switchboard pruduction we also realizes customised engine control boxes or control systems, which are adapt to your needs.


The Frequency Inverter from PS-System are compact, user-friendly and efficient. The are available for different engine performace from 0,75 kW to 7,5 kW. The Frequency Inverter are using the modernest microprocessor technology for the control of all engine functions.


The Transformer Speed Controller from PS-System ensures a easy and save control of the motor speed in 5 levels. They are available for different performances up to 20 A, as manual oder automatic controller and for 230 V or 400 V engines. More informations you can find in our current product catalog.


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