Feeding Line Feed Master

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For growing and fattening

Since the plastic bowl can be swapped out, it can be used in both growing and fattening. The two plastic bowls (Feed Master 34 for fattening, Feed Master 51 for growing) differ in the heights of their rims and in their overall size.

FeedMaster 51

The Feed Master 51 low-rim bowl allows young turkeys easy access to their food, and the smaller diameter makes sure it is fuller. This bowl is ideal for turkey growing.

FeedMaster 34

The Feed Master 34 bowl has a higher rim, to minimise loss of feed. Its larger diameter allows several large animals to get to the feed together, so that competitive behaviour in the barn is minimised. These features make the bowl ideal for fattening.

Drive Unit

The drive unit of the feeding line Feed Point consists of a gearmotor 0,55 kW, end unit and end control assembly with sensor.

Feed Hopper

The feed intake boots from galvanised or stainless steal and the 100 kg feed hopper ensures a optimal feed intake into the feeding line. The feed hopper is equipped with a feed level switch.