Feeding Line Feed Point

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The feeding system for broiler fattening

Transparent Cone

Feed Space devider

Rounded Rim

Rotary Bowl

Feed Point

The open bowl gives he animal unobstructed access to the feed and is easy to climb out of. The cone of the bowl is transparent, so that the feed level in each bowl is easy to monitor. The perfect fabrication of the PVC components, without any corners or edges, and the inwardly-rounded rim of the bowl, prevent the animals being injured. The inwardly rounded bowl rim also prevents the animals from knocking the feed out of the feeder, thus eliminating feed losses. The bowl can also be rotated under the cone, which makes for easy, uniform feed distribution.

Drive Unit

The drive unit of the feeding line Feed Point consists of a gearmotor 0,37 kW, end unit and end control assembly with sensor.

Feed Hopper

The feed intake boots from galvanised or stainless steal and the 100 kg feed hopper ensures a optimal feed intake into the feeding line. The feed hopper is equipped with a feed level switch.

Optimal Hygiene

The central rotation of the feed tube brings the lines into the cleaning position. Each bowl is easy to clan with a high pressure cleaner, and can be tilted so that any remaining feed and dirt is simply rinsed out. The transparent cone makes it easy to inspect the bowl for concealed dirt. Cleanliness and hygiene are increased by the use of smooth surfaces.