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High-Pressure Blower PS-HD eco

Care was taken during the development of the PS-HD ECO high-pressure blower only to use top-quality materials so as to cope with the demands of a waste air purification system. All mounting brackets, the mounting ring and the motor shaft are made solely from stainless steel and the fan blades from acid-resistant plastic. The motor features a special sealing system for optimum protection. The exceptionally strong mounting ring guarantees secure installation of the blower in the ventilation stack, even at high air pressures. The vibration damper in the mounting brackets absorbs any vibrations and shocks during operation, so the noise level is kept low and a secure fit guaranteed over the long term.

High-Pressure Blower EnergyLine

To meet the demand for higher pressures PS-System offers a fan line up to 450 Pa, while staying the first choice for aggressive climate environments (like pig and poultry houses). In a central exhaust system, the housing compartments are connected to an air duct with centrally located fans. After passing these fans, the air can be forced to pass an air scrubbing (filtering) system to reduce the exposure of ammonia, odor and dust. The central fans are controlled by frequency drives for optimal control of airflow: for all animals and during all seasons.

Panal or Tube Mounting Fans

Exhausted air is extracted by fans and conveyed outside by flues. Many types of fan are used, with variable pressure stability. This makes it possible to choose the best fan for each application, depending on the desired flow rate. Prüllage Systeme fans are dust and water jet proof, and are available in frame and duct mounting versions. The fans can be installed vertically and horizontally, have a low running noise level and a high power rating.

Basket Fan

Basket Fans from Vostermans Ventilation are in many cases an ideal solution. Because of the wide range of diameters (ranging from 20" to 50") and the variable capacity, these fans can be applied in different building structures and under a variety of circumstances like circulation of cool air to improve the working climate, in combination with air extraction fans in order to refresh the air constantly and remove warm air under difficult production circumstances or in wet conditions in the case of aggressive fumes.

Galvanized Box Fan MF

Through the aerodynamic design of the Galvanized Box Fan MF, PS-System can offer a fan with high air volumes (46.000 m /h at 0 Pa) and 36,9 W/1000 m /h. Tunnel- or length ventilated houses demand, through higher product performances higher quantities of fresh air at low cost.

Large Capacity Fan

The fan consists of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. It is equipped with a three-phase engine with 380 volts. The shutter is held open mechanically by the resulting centrifugal forces. This increases the air flow as the air comes only with a small resistance. When fans standstill the shutter closes automatically. Due to the shutter, the fan can be used as gable fan in broiler cage or stables. The model with to mesh guards could be used as a driving through air fan in turkey or cattle stables.