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Wall inlet AIV54

The AIV54 wall inlet is ideal for use in poultry and pig pens. It is a flange mounted inlet which mounts to the inner wall. Each inlet has a plastic grid on its back, which prevents the animals getting into it. The AIV54 is made of robust, non-deforming plastic. The inlet shutter is completely isolated. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean, for instance with high pressure cleaners. The ventilation shutter on the top of the inlet enables the ventilation angle to be set properly for each individual barn.

Ventilation Roof

The Ventilation roof distribute fresh air uniformly throughout the barn. The conical holes allow the air to flow into the barn in a laminar flow. The roofing is available in variety of materials. The hole row spacing varies the ventilation performance of the roof. This can thus be adapted to suit individual conditions. The plates are connected and secured with plastic profile members.

Diffuse Ceiling

The glass fibre loaded plastic trapezoidal ceiling provides uniform fresh air distribution throughout the barn. The upper side is clad with waterproofed, rock wool felt matting. We recommend an 80 mm cladding of two layers of 40 mm rock wool felt, for optimal insulation and a good flow of fresh air. The cladding and slotted trapezoidal ceiling allows the fresh air to flow uniformly into the barn. The plates can be set for an air flow of 350 m ;/h/m ;. Partial slots are also available.

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