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Your exclusive Product from PS-System

PS-System GmbH is a company which only works with commercial customers. I.e. we supply our products to you on a neutral basis. Thus we remain anonymous for your customers, placing you in the foreground for them. So you can offer your customers your individual product.

individual product labelling

We also offer you the chance to communicate your corporate identity to the outside with PS-System GmbH. Furthermore, we are pleased to mark our products with your company logo or name. In this case, our products - e.g. our PS-TFS-01 feeding control – are labelled with your company logo according to your exact requirements, no matter whether you choose stickers, nameplates, packaging markings or custom designed displays.

control and automation technology

In addition to individually labelling our products, we can also exclusively manufacture your product for you, according to your requirements and specifications. With an in-house development team, we can produce individual control systems, steel components or plastic parts specially for you. For example, our PS-TFS-01 feeding control can also carry out other control processes, it having a programmable interface that can be adapted to your individual requirements.

software development

We can carry out the following development work:

  • individual product labelling

  • control and automation technology

  • software development

  • steel processing

  • plastics processing


  • Feed Storage Feed Storage
  • PS-Auger PS-Auger
  • PS-Chain PS-Chain
  • Feeders Feeders
  • Pig Housing Pig Housing
  • Poultry Poultry
  • Ventilation Ventilation
  • Heating Heating
  • Lighting Lighting
  • Control Control

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