Air Extraction

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The Extraction Flues are foamed with polyurethane and are clad on both sides. Two types of extraction flue are available: Exterior in fibre glass loaded plastic and interior with fleece cladding; pipes clad in glass fibre loaded plastic on both sides. PS-System offers many different flue diameters: 37 to 125 cm, so that each flow rate and installation situation is catered for. Our flues are available as full tubes or half shells, for easier shipping. The diffusers drive the air out of the barn. The diffuser diameter increases in the direction of flow. This controlled expansion makes for more efficient performance. Rainwater runs off the diffuser wall and drains away between the ventilation duct and the diffuser itself.

Luftmess- und Regeleinheit

The sensor and regulator units are made of plastic and stainless steel. They consist of a plastic extractor pipe, shutter, servomotor and are available with or without sensor fan. The sensor and regulator units already regulate the air flow from a speed of 0.5 m/sec up. They are not sensitive to soiling and can also be opened manually if power fails.