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Gear Motor

Our gear motors all originate in European Union and they are optimal tailored to the conditions of a Augersystem. They are available in four different sizes 0,37 kW, 0,55 kW, 0,75 kW, 1,1 kW and 1,5 kW. So you can choose according to the length of the system the best engine performance.

PS-Control Unit

The PS-Control unit consists of galvanised steel sheets, which are complete screwed, a blue plastic funnel and a mechanical safty switch. The control unit are delivered without tube connection for the augertube. These you can choose separately according to the size of the PS-Augersystem.

Tube Connection

The tube connection for the PS-Control unit are available for the sizes 56 mm, 75 mm, 89 mm and 127 mm. It consists of the tube connection, the engine adapter, one tube clamp assy and fixing bolts.

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